Crowthorne & Crown Wood Cricket Club League 3rd XI squad

League 3rd XI

Captain : Dave McQuitty

I'm Dave I'm 27 and have played for Crown Wood for years .I also play football for a five a side team on a Monday night . I am a left handed batsman and bowl right arm very slow .

Vice Captain : John Cartledge

Crown Wood Legend.

Looks after the ground as well as numerous other tasks for the club.

Still plying his trade in the 3rd XI and taking plenty of wickets with his off-spin.

Mirza Ateeq
Right hand middle order batsman, active fielder and medium pace bowler with swing abilities.
Peter (Kiwi) Clarke
Hard-hitting batsman, tricky bowler and all-round good egg, Pete made his mark with the club by providing a case of beer for his team-mates on his debut. That'll do for us!
Awarded himself the nickname Kiwi due to his New Zealand heritage.
S.D. Clarke

AKA  :Belmont Maracas


Chris Emes
A new addition to the ones this year and having a sterling impact. Fast, fiery spells, combined with genuine pace and zip, puts the willies up all but the most hardened of batsmen. His prowess has even been noted by local broadcast media with games involving Emes regularly covered by local media outlets forcing the side to hire a media specialist.
Away from the game and the red carpet, Emes is a keen philatelist, just as likely to be seen on his days off with his head buried in a book about stamps as he is to be down the nets bouncing kids. His love for stamps was born out of an aggressive letter writing campaign to Jonathan Agnew during the late 2000s to complain about some unfounded comments relating to Emes’ batting technique; a campaign that not only sparked a love of stamps but also got him a restraining order from the TMS commentator.
An exciting young talent and one the Crows will be looking to hold onto for years to come.
Damon Emes

Father of two leading CCWCC cricketers and husband to a committee member, it would not be an understatement to say that Damon Emes has single handedly secured the future of the club. ‘The club cannot repay the debt that we owe him but we shall nevertheless try’ said club legend Dan Partridge when interviewed about Damon by local journalists.


Away from the field, Damon is a keen musician playing the French Horn in a number of local bands and orchestras. Never one to be pigeonholed, Damon is also able to turn his hand to a number of other instruments including the bassoon, the viola and the steel drums. This has prompted him to say that ‘he would start a band of one but he can’t play all the instruments at the same time’. His love of brass instruments also took him round the world with The Barmy Army as the head trumpeter. His tenure was ended with a mysterious dishonourable discharge in St Lucia leading to his dismissal. Not widely reported after a skilful PR campaign by the Barmy Army, the local police report simply listed the offence as ‘Carib Beer’.


 Even in sport Damon cannot be limited. For many years, throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s, he was the throwing partner of darts legend Phil ‘The Power ‘Taylor. Taylor even attributed his 1995 and 1997 World Matchplay and 2001 and 2002 World Championship wins to the coaching of Damon. It comes as no surprise then that Damon is constantly on the spot with the cricket ball regularly racking maidens and wickets on the cricket field.

Christopher Foxon

Chris 'Foxy' Foxon is a very active member of the club, regularly taking the kids sessions and running various teams throughout the season. A stalwart of the 3rd XI and making contributions with Bat, Ball and behind the stumps. Most notably his 40 vs Falkand in 2019 in a big away win for the 3rd XI 


Away from Cricket, Foxy is keen on politics, football, Japanese wood carving and the lost art of ornate fireplace making and collecting. He is the founding member of the Ornate Fireplace Awareness campaign which will stop at nothing to help preserve and maintain the dying art. Foxy has over 6 fireplaces in his house and garage which he regularly takes to exhibitions and events. His efforts largely went unnoticed in the early years however, since creating a blog (There's no place like a Fireplace) he has gained quite a following of other fireplace lovers. The group of just under 41 members were set to meet in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, however the Covid-19 pandemic meant this has been put on hold. However, the group decided to regularly meet on Zoom to discuss, take pictures and do quizzes on fireplaces. They are looking to meet up towards the end of the year in Tartu, Estonia 

Jason Gibbings
Right arm "spin-bowler", right handed unorthodox bat and a very safe pair of hands anywhere close to the bat. Also a great student of the game and a renowned captain. So good in fact he managed to skipper the team in 2009 without actually playing any games.
His pre and end of season BBQ's were legendary and usually ended up with J fast asleep on the throne, much to Kate's disappointment if not surprise. Another of the Reading FC contingent at the club, Big J has often been mistaken for a squashed down version of James Beattie.
Patrick Golding

Another fine product of the clubs youth system, who’s appearances are limited nowadays as he has gone away to flight school. Think Top Gun academy but without the Sunglasses, Cool Planes, Girls, Leather Jackets and Excitement.

Also forced in being a Chelsea fan by his father.


Tom Gordon
Parent of prospective player for 2016 season
Richard Hester
RP Hester is a classic village cricket all rounder...can't bat or bowl! But reasonable glove work and on field leadership means he still has his Crowthorne & Crown Wood central contract. Captained the Sunday side in the famous 2011 1-wicket win at Sandhurst. Digging in for the final wicket, scoring 2 off 25 balls in determined style to help see the Crows home to win the A3095 Ashes! Elected 2012 Sunday captain by popular demand on the back of this historic victory. His electric coolbox is more than useful for post-nets beers.
He says: 'Probably more catches than runs for the club'
We say: 'Probably more wickets than runs for the club, too'

Fun Fact: A lifelong model railway enthusiast, Rich houses a scale replica of the Stockton to Darlington expressway in his conservatory. He lists his proudest achievements in his life as first, his replica railway, second, his children, and third, that run he scored a couple of seasons ago.
Matthew Kelly
Aran Long

Although probably one of the most gifted all rounders to have graced Crowthorne, sadly it has only ever been his bowling that has been recognised by the club (and scorers). He won the club bowling averages five consecutive years and collected two Berkshire League divisional awards. Has never managed to capture the coveted player of the year award, probably down to a vote rigging/ drunken outrage incident during the mid-nineties. Best bowling? Either 8-37 or 3-0 off three balls, take your pick!

Interesting FACT: The Long Room at Lord's is named in honour of Aran's 6 consecutive "Bowler of the year" awards.

Dan Manning
Mid-season signing from Cumbria University CC.   Right-arm spinner and right-handed batsman.

Recently given up working behind the bar at one of RG45's premium venues to concentrate solely on his cricket. Useful player when girlfriend allows.

Nikunj Mehta
IT consultant, father of two, love movies/food/travelling. Needless to say, above all, absolutely passionate about CRICKET!
Marshall Miller
Marshall or Monty is Crowthorne's Mr Reliable; he has given his entire 40 year childhood to the club.  A very solid number 11, particularly tricky bowler and sometimes even keeps wicket. Can always be relied on to provide two or three comedy injuries per season, including a nasty broken ankle sustained during Crows Winter Footy.   Monty is also the regular favourite and usual winner of the annual duck prize, as well as trying to run Dan close for the Sunday Bowling prize each year. Another Reading FC season ticket holder despite his Man United background and tattoos!!!

Monty has been described by teammates, opponents and lovers alike as a prodigious swinger, and his wrist position as he delivers is as effective as it is efficient.

He says: I am always happy to bat at 11
We say: Duck avoidance (ineffective)

Fun Fact: Monty is a huge Star Wars fan and has attended the official 'Lucas-Con; London' for 28 straight years. Amongst other memorabilia he owns a replica "Return of the Jedi" Ewok costume he claims never to have worn.

Soumya Mishra
I am a useful Right Handed Batsman I like to play long innings. I bowl Right Hand medium pace bowling. I am very agile in the field and consider myself a good fielder.  I can do Keeping as well. 
Tom Nash
Tom is Right-hand batsman and occasional slow right-arm bowler. He's joined the club after an absence of 8 years away from the game.
Driven out of his own home by his wife who was sick of him cluttering up the house on a Sunday, Tom has been told to find a new hobby.... So has made the obvious step and joined his local cricket side. Made his debut in the Sunday Splinter XI at Eversley.

Dan Partridge

Club Stalwart and all round legend of the Crowthorne area, The Partridge can often be found at the club or touring the away games when unable to turn the arm himself. Having taken a 18 month absence out of the game he was thrown back into the fold by the ONES Captain Will Avrili, who was looking to motivate and inspire the younger generation in the club. Dan has consistently taken wickets throughout his cricketing career and continues to do so to this day. 

In his spare time The Partridge frequents the Mad Stad to watch his beloved Reading FC or spending his wages following the England cricket team across the globe. Back in 2013 a mini documentary series was commissioned to follow Dan in his daily life called 'Up with Partridge - The Making of a Legend', Dan declined to speak on the documentary, instead the BBC recruited Ashley Giles to narrate the series after a personal request from Ashley himself. In the series we see Dan's memorabilia room which was once a childs bedroom, in this shrine he has many prized artifacts of his 2 loves, Reading and The England Cricket Team. The room includes a pair of Stephen Hawking's football boots (Unworn), a jock strap from Reading's all time leading goal scorer Trevor Senior, and a 'used' tissue from his favorite England cricket Alan Mullaly. After a high profile court battle the series was removed from Netflix and is now permanently on BBC iPlayer. Partridge's lawyer later stated that this was due to Dan's insistence that the series be free to air, citing the demise of English cricket since 2005 for his decision. 

A recent petition has taken place to get the Nine Mile Ride End by St Sebs renamed the Dan Partridge End which is currently at 55,000 signatures. When asked what it meant to be the centre of such a fantastic cause he simply replied 'No comment'. 

Ajay Patidar

I am all rounder.

I love to play long innings and i can accelerate score anytime. Fearless chasing any score.

I am medium pace bowler, can do In swing and out swing bowl and vary speed.

Kishore Raghupathi

Allrounder and can bat defensive game to frustate opponents or can hit out or get out. 

Swing bowler. 

Jonathan Reypert

I joined Crown Wood Cricket Club in 1993 and I haven't missed a season. I've played in all Berskshire league divisions from the Premier to the 5th. I've captained Saturday 2's and later 3's as well as Sunday friendly sides and indoor teams. I'm getting too old and decrepit these days but I'm looking forward to never earning a baggy green coz I'm too crap these days.


Best figures for Crown Wood (living past successes coz I'm so old and sad now):

Batting: 72 vs Sulhamstead and Ufton

Bowling: 4.3 Overs, 0 Maidens, 7 wickets, 6 runs vs Newbury

Division 3 winner 2003

Division 1 winner 2006

Best batsman 2nd XI 2005

Runner up friendly bowler 2000

Adrian Chatters Day winner (there's no date on the medal but probably about 2013)

Bracknell Midweek League winner early 2000's

Newbold College Indoor Winter League runner up early 2000's

David Shaw
Transitional-lens wearing former skipper of the Sunday team. A complete novice a mere 6 years ago, Dave has developed into a hard-hitting, but sturdy bastman, good fielder (using all availabile body parts to stop the ball) and an appalling bowler.Scored his maiden 50 in 2009, hitting all his runs entirely on the leg-side. Dave attributes his fielding prowess to his 20 years man-and-boy goalkeeping experience. About to tie the knot to Fliss who is the 2011 WAGS cakebaker of the year.
Avinash Singh

Medium Fast Bowler with Both way Swing Ability.

Middle order bat's Man with good defensive technique 

Andy Bo Taylor

As Crown Wood Chairman, Andy was instrumental in the merger happening. A fine ambassador to his club - he even got out for 0 against Crowthorne in the final match between the 2 clubs in an attempt to push the merger through.  A wicketkeeper in his hayday which he insists is now a long time ago.  Another unfortunate sole who watches Reading FC for "fun"   Not to be mistaken for Crowthorne CC's Andy "Fluffer" Taylor.


Bo is an ever-present feature at St Sebs, either as bar manager, bar drinker or both. He has also taken on the mantel of tour manager for the last few years, his organisational skills are second to none and once earned him a job opportunity working as Cheryl Coles tour manager on her 2012 'A Million Lights Tour'. A keen connoisseur of Cheryl’s music; Bo was initially ecstatic to take on the role but after initial discussions the talks broke down. Bo cites his insistence that the song ‘Fight for This Love’ be the only song played on tour as the reason for his decision to turn down the job. He is quoted as saying “Why bother with any other song than that, it’s a huge tune, it’s the only song I have on my Walkman”. He still listens to Cheryl but admits it’s sometimes hard to listen to her now knowing he could’ve made her a global superstar in her own right.  

Luke Taylor

Hit the headlines in 2015 when he stood in for MC PC Hester as DJ CJ's sidekick at the club day with a long stint commentating and scoring.

Big Reading FC fan like his dad!
Kesava (Raju) Vemulamanda
Right hand batsman; pinch hitter at number 6 or 7. Right arm medium pace bowler
Alistair Warner-Rowley
Deceptive swing bowler and crash, bam, wallop batsman. Good club man who will always turn up for social events, as long as it doesn't clash with rugby.
Chris Winch
Chris ‘Winchy’ Winch has fast become a stalwart of the Saturday seconds team as well as club ne league tough guy. An aggressive middle order batsman, he has the ability to take the game away from the opposition in the blink of an eye with lusty blows down the ground as well as languid drives smudged through the covers.

Away from the game, Winchy works as a debt collector and ‘enforcer’ for the Berkshire branch of a notorious Dagenham-based mafia family. The ‘Bloody Good Rep’ as he is known by those in the underworld, has been known to operate across Berkshire and Hampshire in major conurbations such as Slough, Reading, Aldershot, Bracknell, Didcot and Yateley as well as Winnersh, Taplow and Burfield.

Although operating somewhat outside of the law in his ‘professional’ life, Winchy is nothing if not a scholar of the laws of the game with an almost autistic (replace with ‘enviable’) ability to recall even the most obscure regulation at will. This was highlighted in a game at Sandhurst in 2018, when he insisted the game be abandoned due to non-conforming stumps which were ¾ inch smaller than the regulation 28 inches as stated in Law 8 of The Laws of Cricket.
Performance history