Crowthorne & Crown Wood Cricket Club Indoor League squad

Indoor League

Captain : Sinith Chandran

Right arm seam bowler and heavy bat swinger, Sin has made the transition from a Crown Wood occasional to a Crowthorne & Crown Wood stalwart known for his miserly opening bowling spells. Sin has been a consistent performer for the 1 XI opening the bowling for the past 3 years.  Unveiled an array of reverse sweeps at the 6-a-side, too.  However, on recent evidence, won't be gracing the football field any time soon.....
Chris Allwright
A fine player on his day who has risen through the Crown Wood youth ranks to be a regular senior member.

Can bat, bowl and keep to a decent standard and last season reached the pinnacle of his career when he was at one stage the 1s opening bat and bowler for CW. ( Much to his and Bo's horror!)

Always with a can of energy drink in his hand due to lack of sleep and last year was also CW's taxi on many occasions for the Crown Wood Slough branch.

Main Interests and hobbies:Cider and Reading FC.

Barrymore is now a 2-time 6-a-side winner where his all round skills come to the fore.

Ant Avrili

Wellington College-educated, Ant joins for the 2011 season with twin brother Will.  Right handed Batsman and Off-spinner. His potency with ball comes from the mystery which he provides, neither batsmen or himself know what the ball will do next, this has been a key weapon his his arsenal. 

Anthony has made himself a key member of the Crowthorne and Crown Wood fraternity, setting up the CCWCC Flag society which currently has 3 members including Kieran Golding. His love of flags has opened up many avenues for him and he recently returned from a 3 month trip/retreat to Kathmandu for the International Vexillology Convention. Ant was among the key note speakers along with Kim Jong-Un, The Dalai Lama and Imran Khan. Speaking after the event he said that he was humbled to be in such esteemed company and Kim Jong-Un is "a misunderstood guy with great banter", The Dalai Lama "has anger issues" and Imran Khan "has little knowledge of flags but makes up for it in his ability to chin a Guinness with no hands"  

Will Avrili

Will joined us in the 2011 season, the younger Avrili, learned his Cricket under the guidance of Mr P Daines at Yateley Manor and subsequently at Wellington. Along with twin-brother Ant, Will has injected some youthful enthusiasm and agility into the Crows ranks. Will is known for his wonderful stroke play and diving catches from behind the stumps. 

Nicknamed 'Fray Bentos' after the famous Cuban leader by his team. Will dictates the play in the middle and from behind the stumps. Will's nickname and intentions have now truly come to light as he was selected as ONES CAPTAIN. Avrili quipped when wished good luck, "You don't need luck when you're me"

Dan Cartledge
One of life's true mavericks.  Came through the ranks at Crown Wood under the close tutelage of his father John.  A classy batsman on his day and a bowler who can "bowl the lot"

Really made his mark for the merged club in 2015 after a quiet 2014. Scored bucket loads of runs for both the 2nd XI and Sunday teams including a century and several 50's

HIs crowning glory was the 2015 Cardiff Tour... details of which may never become clear..
Jeff Cluett

Jeff is the middle of the 3 Cluett brothers.Signed in 2012 having moved back to the area after a spell in the Kent Leagues. Right Arm Seam bowler and destructive Batsman, he is as strong as a marble statue and as skilful as the hand that carved it.

Highly compeititive campaigner who has recently revealed a skillful art at writing match reports...

Expert at cowardly sledging from the safety of fine-leg

Top tip: Don't drop a catch off his bowling!

Jeff gave an emotional humble acceptance speech via satellite link up after he somehow scooped the 2013 Player of the year award.

He says: 'I struggle to fit in Saturday cricket amongst my many charity projects, but delivering so many runs and wickets is a gift to the people of Crowthorne that I can't deny them.'

Jeff is well known for his philanthropy and has taken part in over 100 fun runs, completing at least half of them. So recognizable is Jeff that he now has to go out in Crowthorne in disguise, he has a wardrobe dedicated to his outfits which include, Alan Partridge, Captain Barbossa and Britney Spears.

Jeff is a big advocate for a rig based selection policy and can often be heard explaining to the younger males in the group that his rig is far superior to all those that come through the Crows changing rooms. He has even talked about doing a pre season boot camp in Ouagadougou for a select few who are in need of 'Particular attention'


Robert Crook
Another to come through the youth ranks at CW, Rob has turned into probably the finest spin bowler the club has ever produced. An aggressive batsman as well (Twenty20 stylee), he was a mainstay of the CW teams of the Premier era.

His wife (girlfriend at the time) also has the accolade of the finest tea ever made at St Sebastian's.

Made a blistering 93 in the final match of the 2015 season after being promoted to opening batsman.
Chris Emes
A new addition to the ones this year and having a sterling impact. Fast, fiery spells, combined with genuine pace and zip, puts the willies up all but the most hardened of batsmen. His prowess has even been noted by local broadcast media with games involving Emes regularly covered by local media outlets forcing the side to hire a media specialist.
Away from the game and the red carpet, Emes is a keen philatelist, just as likely to be seen on his days off with his head buried in a book about stamps as he is to be down the nets bouncing kids. His love for stamps was born out of an aggressive letter writing campaign to Jonathan Agnew during the late 2000s to complain about some unfounded comments relating to Emes’ batting technique; a campaign that not only sparked a love of stamps but also got him a restraining order from the TMS commentator.
An exciting young talent and one the Crows will be looking to hold onto for years to come.
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