Crowthorne & Crown Wood Cricket Club Friday Night Team squad

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Chris Allwright
A fine player on his day who has risen through the Crown Wood youth ranks to be a regular senior member.

Can bat, bowl and keep to a decent standard and last season reached the pinnacle of his career when he was at one stage the 1s opening bat and bowler for CW. ( Much to his and Bo's horror!)

Always with a can of energy drink in his hand due to lack of sleep and last year was also CW's taxi on many occasions for the Crown Wood Slough branch.

Main Interests and hobbies:Cider and Reading FC.

Barrymore is now a 2-time 6-a-side winner where his all round skills come to the fore.

Dan Cartledge
One of life's true mavericks.  Came through the ranks at Crown Wood under the close tutelage of his father John.  A classy batsman on his day and a bowler who can "bowl the lot"

Really made his mark for the merged club in 2015 after a quiet 2014. Scored bucket loads of runs for both the 2nd XI and Sunday teams including a century and several 50's

HIs crowning glory was the 2015 Cardiff Tour... details of which may never become clear..
Robert Crook
Another to come through the youth ranks at CW, Rob has turned into probably the finest spin bowler the club has ever produced. An aggressive batsman as well (Twenty20 stylee), he was a mainstay of the CW teams of the Premier era.

His wife (girlfriend at the time) also has the accolade of the finest tea ever made at St Sebastian's.

Made a blistering 93 in the final match of the 2015 season after being promoted to opening batsman.
Chris Emes
A new addition to the ones this year and having a sterling impact. Fast, fiery spells, combined with genuine pace and zip, puts the willies up all but the most hardened of batsmen. His prowess has even been noted by local broadcast media with games involving Emes regularly covered by local media outlets forcing the side to hire a media specialist.
Away from the game and the red carpet, Emes is a keen philatelist, just as likely to be seen on his days off with his head buried in a book about stamps as he is to be down the nets bouncing kids. His love for stamps was born out of an aggressive letter writing campaign to Jonathan Agnew during the late 2000s to complain about some unfounded comments relating to Emes’ batting technique; a campaign that not only sparked a love of stamps but also got him a restraining order from the TMS commentator.
An exciting young talent and one the Crows will be looking to hold onto for years to come.
Dan Finucane

Hailing from Birmingham, Dan ‘Finners’ Finucane has worked very hard to lose his accent and has done such a good job at it that he is captain of the Second XI. Having honed his craft on the Emerald Isle, captaining his university team, Finners joined Crowthorne a precious gemstone and was immediately tasked with the job of polishing the rough diamonds in the Seconds, being elected captain by 429 votes to 0. A staggering result considering the club has only 339 members.


A true renaissance man, Finners has been known to partake in a veritable smorgasbord of pursuits outside of cricket including whittling scenes from Only Fools and Horses, pursuing the defunct art of alchemy and erotic cricket poetry. The latter ending in a number of his limericks being featured in Wisden’s Valentines Day special editions. Such poems include, Stumps and Balls, Cow Corner and the Blockhole.


 Opponents shouldn’t be fooled by Finners’ apparent love for the more sedate things in life. From the mean streets of Birmingham, Finners commands a worrying knowledge of kneecapping those that displease him. This has resulted in him being the only man more feared in the club than Chris ‘The Bloody Good Rep’ Winch. All round good bloke and teddy bear...until he isn’t.

Jason Gibbings
Right arm "spin-bowler", right handed unorthodox bat and a very safe pair of hands anywhere close to the bat. Also a great student of the game and a renowned captain. So good in fact he managed to skipper the team in 2009 without actually playing any games.
His pre and end of season BBQ's were legendary and usually ended up with J fast asleep on the throne, much to Kate's disappointment if not surprise. Another of the Reading FC contingent at the club, Big J has often been mistaken for a squashed down version of James Beattie.
Ravi Godbole
Crown Wood and Berkshire Cricket League legend. 2nd longest serving member of CW, Ravi has played for the club for approx 25 years. Owns Crown Wood's best ever bowling figures of 9-56. But better known for "Ravi's rolls" - his tea speciality.
As a youngster he was a hostile swing bowler with searing pace* and a top order batsman. Now he has reached the age when you start to count backwards, the pace is not quite as hostile but the accuracy is as perfect as ever.
*it's all relative

He was a key member of the 2014 Div 1 winning team for the newly merged club, picking up the Captain's award in the process. This win was shrouded in controversy however as it was later alleged that skipper Ant Cluett's beloved Holme Grange school had received a "significant" donation from Ravi in the run up to the awards' night. Brave whistle-blower Jeff Cluett, who put aside family loyalty to uncover this, went on to say that "everyone was astonished the award didnt go to Ant's brother, and now we know why".

He Says: "I don't want to discuss that affair, my character is above reproach and I won that award fair and square. I am the Pride of Bracknell, that is all you need to know."

Marshall Miller
Marshall or Monty is Crowthorne's Mr Reliable; he has given his entire 40 year childhood to the club.  A very solid number 11, particularly tricky bowler and sometimes even keeps wicket. Can always be relied on to provide two or three comedy injuries per season, including a nasty broken ankle sustained during Crows Winter Footy.   Monty is also the regular favourite and usual winner of the annual duck prize, as well as trying to run Dan close for the Sunday Bowling prize each year. Another Reading FC season ticket holder despite his Man United background and tattoos!!!

Monty has been described by teammates, opponents and lovers alike as a prodigious swinger, and his wrist position as he delivers is as effective as it is efficient.

He says: I am always happy to bat at 11
We say: Duck avoidance (ineffective)

Fun Fact: Monty is a huge Star Wars fan and has attended the official 'Lucas-Con; London' for 28 straight years. Amongst other memorabilia he owns a replica "Return of the Jedi" Ewok costume he claims never to have worn.

Julian O'Loughlin
Joined the club in 2010 as a fast bowling all rounder and brought the key attribute of being able to smooth over the Wellington College liaison from the inside. The days of bounding in bowling snorting bouncers to Sandhurst openers are behind him and after many years of seeing the likes of Dan come in off three paces and clean up wicket after wicket, the retirement plan of bowling liquorice allsorts was born. Rarely allowed to be released in a real match, those ghastly googlies are mainly reserved for Sundays when every other avenue has been exhausted. Trying to capitalise on a decent batting season in 2016, with a ton against Arcadian Casuals and make an opening batsman role a permanent move.
But it's on the football pitch where he comes into his own. The Golden boot award has been abandoned after he won it for so many years in succession that everyone got bored. Current holder of the Golden Hoof Award too, but committed to stop hogging all the footballing trophies and let someone else have a go.
Nick Outram
Nick moved to Crowthorne at the end of 2012 and quickly became a mainstay of the 2013 Div 2 and Div 1 title winning team taking over the Captaincy of the first team in 2017. He is a solid top order batsman with plenty of runs in his locker and one of the sharpest fielders at the club. That's what he tells us anyway, it's difficult to remember as he tends to be on the proverbial physio table most of the time, most notably after the 'exploding finger incident of 2013' where he was spectacularly injured fielding a ball off his own bowling at nets. Nets! Lesson learnt.

He Says: 'I just love the taste of Jalfrezi, the colour isn't important.'

Fun Fact: A young Nick can be seen in the music video for the 1980s classic number one 'Snooker Loopy', appearing as a young snooker fan who Willie Thorne high fives.
Andy Bo Taylor

As Crown Wood Chairman, Andy was instrumental in the merger happening. A fine ambassador to his club - he even got out for 0 against Crowthorne in the final match between the 2 clubs in an attempt to push the merger through.  A wicketkeeper in his hayday which he insists is now a long time ago.  Another unfortunate sole who watches Reading FC for "fun"   Not to be mistaken for Crowthorne CC's Andy "Fluffer" Taylor.


Bo is an ever-present feature at St Sebs, either as bar manager, bar drinker or both. He has also taken on the mantel of tour manager for the last few years, his organisational skills are second to none and once earned him a job opportunity working as Cheryl Coles tour manager on her 2012 'A Million Lights Tour'. A keen connoisseur of Cheryl’s music; Bo was initially ecstatic to take on the role but after initial discussions the talks broke down. Bo cites his insistence that the song ‘Fight for This Love’ be the only song played on tour as the reason for his decision to turn down the job. He is quoted as saying “Why bother with any other song than that, it’s a huge tune, it’s the only song I have on my Walkman”. He still listens to Cheryl but admits it’s sometimes hard to listen to her now knowing he could’ve made her a global superstar in her own right.  

Marvin Vogel

Marv, joined Crowthorne Cricket Club in 2018. Living Just across from the Ground - Home games take on a whole new meaning.

Having Played Provincial Cricket in Zimbabwe and a game for Zimbabwe 'A's he's looking forward to testing his leg spin and batting in the English game.

Ben Williams

International man of mystery whose criminal career is punctuated by cricket during the summer months. Ben’s life in the underworld has left him with a myriad of aliases including the infamous Ben Willams of Workington. Known to ‘the fuzz’ as the Scarlet Pimpernel, he evades capture despite numerous accusations of public lewdness and indecent exposure.

Ben recently went past 50 career runs and fathered a child ‘Barry’ named after his favourite place in the world, Barry Island in South Wales. An astonishing fact considering he has never been there.

Also a philanthropist and keen model railway enthusiast in his free time, Williams/Willams donated an eye watering sum of £250,000 to the Crowthorne Model Railway Club in 2016 following a huge fire that was reported as being seen as far as 20 yards away. Crying over an ashened remains of a 12 gauge replica of the Flying Scotsman, Williams vowed to dedicate his life to cricket.

He is rapidly becoming the first name on the Sunday XI team sheet and even holds the crown of being the most inked person at the club sporting a number of tattoos. The club eagerly awaits a neck tattoo of the club crest inspiring some to undertake a whip round at