Crowthorne & Crown Wood Cricket Club Crowthorne Old Boys squad

Crowthorne Old Boys

Captain : Aran Long

Although probably one of the most gifted all rounders to have graced Crowthorne, sadly it has only ever been his bowling that has been recognised by the club (and scorers). He won the club bowling averages five consecutive years and collected two Berkshire League divisional awards. Has never managed to capture the coveted player of the year award, probably down to a vote rigging/ drunken outrage incident during the mid-nineties. Best bowling? Either 8-37 or 3-0 off three balls, take your pick!

Interesting FACT: The Long Room at Lord's is named in honour of Aran's 6 consecutive "Bowler of the year" awards.

Adam Elrick
He's a good lad is Ad. Oh you are a good lad Ad.
Former skipper and darling of the Wokingham Times sports pages, Elrick has played more games than anyone else in Crows history. A tall right-arm spinner with a dodgy faster ball, Elrick was a vital weapon as the Crows made their way up the Berkshire League. Technically correct as a batsman and outstanding at backward point, he is a true club legend.
Fatherhood and work commitments have curtailed his appearances in the last 2 years but he remains close to the club.
A great advocate of fielding practice, leading the way with such innovative fielding drills as "Catch for Snatch" and the world-renowned "C-Ball".
Wokingham born and bred, he's a textbook Manchester United fan. Still seen now and again driving round in his bright yellow hairdressers car.
Jason Gibbings
Right arm "spin-bowler", right handed unorthodox bat and a very safe pair of hands anywhere close to the bat. Also a great student of the game and a renowned captain. So good in fact he managed to skipper the team in 2009 without actually playing any games.
His pre and end of season BBQ's were legendary and usually ended up with J fast asleep on the throne, much to Kate's disappointment if not surprise. Another of the Reading FC contingent at the club, Big J has often been mistaken for a squashed down version of James Beattie.
Marshall Miller
Marshall or Monty is Crowthorne's Mr Reliable; he has given his entire 40 year childhood to the club.  A very solid number 11, particularly tricky bowler and sometimes even keeps wicket. Can always be relied on to provide two or three comedy injuries per season, including a nasty broken ankle sustained during Crows Winter Footy.   Monty is also the regular favourite and usual winner of the annual duck prize, as well as trying to run Dan close for the Sunday Bowling prize each year. Another Reading FC season ticket holder despite his Man United background and tattoos!!!

Monty has been described by teammates, opponents and lovers alike as a prodigious swinger, and his wrist position as he delivers is as effective as it is efficient.

He says: I am always happy to bat at 11
We say: Duck avoidance (ineffective)

Fun Fact: Monty is a huge Star Wars fan and has attended the official 'Lucas-Con; London' for 28 straight years. Amongst other memorabilia he owns a replica "Return of the Jedi" Ewok costume he claims never to have worn.

David Shaw
Transitional-lens wearing former skipper of the Sunday team. A complete novice a mere 6 years ago, Dave has developed into a hard-hitting, but sturdy bastman, good fielder (using all availabile body parts to stop the ball) and an appalling bowler.Scored his maiden 50 in 2009, hitting all his runs entirely on the leg-side. Dave attributes his fielding prowess to his 20 years man-and-boy goalkeeping experience. About to tie the knot to Fliss who is the 2011 WAGS cakebaker of the year.
Simon Sheppard
Simon earned his Saviour nickname for scoring the winning runs off the final ball in a tight Berkshire League encounter against Swindon NALGO in his first season. Joined as a bowler but went on to win the batting averages in 2006. Outstanding fielder and twice winner of the fielder of the year award, this despite one particular fungus related instance away at Purley. Currently the Club's Fixtures Secretary. For all his good work, he lets himself down by supporting Swindon Town. A mystery bowler who has a different style every time you see him, he ran Dan very close for the 2012 bowling award.
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