Crowthorne & Crown Wood Cricket Club

Crowthorne & Crown Wood Cricket Club Crowthorne Saturday 2nd XI squad

2013 will see the birth of the Saturday 2nd XI
Crowthorne Saturday 2nd XI

Team Manager : James Carson

Plucked from obscurity in the latter part of the summer of 2009 to star in 3 victories, 2 of which he stayed around and masterminded tight run chases. His debut saw him leave the comfort of his sofa at short notice to hang around for 400 overs to score 15 runs. The stuff legends are made of. James hadn't played cricket since his Slatcher-inspired schooldays, where his only contirbution of note was making piles of grass at fine-leg to prevent boundaries. Club Treasurer Jimmy ensures that the Crows are the most fiscally efficient cricket club around with regular visits to people's homes to settle debts of 20p.

He Says: 'Do you have that 60p you owe from 17 weeks ago?.'

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