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Competition Time ~ Premier League “Last Man Standing”

11 Aug 2019

Competition Time ~ Premier League “Last Man Standing”


Dear all, 

I am running a “Last man standing” competition within the club as a bit of fun and to raise a little bit of money for the club too. 

We are using a website called to administer this.  LMS is quite a common thing in many sports clubs and I’ve taken part in a few myself before  

The basic idea is each week you pick ONE team to win in the Premier League  if your team wins you go through to the next week.  If not you are OUT  You cannot use the same team twice  When there is just one player left we have a winner,

First you need to register here….

Then you need to join our competition…

Competition Name… Last Crow Standing

Competition Password… Sebastians1

Entry Fee… £5

Prize Money… 75% of prize fund to the winner  25% to the club 

Payment Details… Cash to me in person by Friday 16th August or Bank Transfer to me (text me for details on 07917 753200. I will setup up a WhatsApp group with my bank details too )

Dependng how everyone gets on this could last a few weeks or a couple of months  … at this point we will start again with a new competition  

Its just a bit of fun and open to all club members plus friends and families 

Full rules are here :

Any questions please let me know 

Good luck everyone 

Dan Partridge 

07917 753200